End of the Year Events

Open House, April 25, at RMMS, different performances throughout campus. Grades 6 and 8, and pep band performing. See Open House Tab. Wear maroon band shirt and blue/black pants.

Rally #3, April 26, during 5th and 6th periods. Pep band performing, wearing pep band shirts.

Disney workshop, April 27, participating students. Wear maroon band shirt, and comfortable pants/shorts.

Bulldog Bash, May 3. Music department has a booth: Musical Chairs

Rancho Cucamonga High School Spring Concert, May 9, at RCHS. Formal Attire. Pep Band and 8th grade (optional) performing.

Quakes Game, May 10, 7th and 8th graders performing. Maroon shirts and blue/black pants (no shorts).

Congrats 8th Grade!

Congratulations to the 8th grade band for their Excellent performance at the Los Osos band festival on Saturday March 9, 2019. They performed well on the stage and that continued into the sight reading room.

In the sight reading room, we were given music that we have never seen before. After getting to chat about it for 4 minutes, the students performed the piece for another music judge. He proceeded to compliment us on the task. They scored an Excellent from this judge as well.

Thank you parents!

Thank you parents for being a part of the day. Thank you to the parent chaperones for helping us move around the many locations. Thank you parents that attended and were a great audience. Thank you to the parents that supported us with water donations.

Congrats 7th grade!

Congratulations to the 7th grade band who scored an “Excellent” on their Festival on March 6. Out of three judges, one of them scored us a “Superior” and the other two “Excellent”. They students were complemented on their performance in the clinic room following their performance.

The judges praised the students on how professionally they were dressed and how well they were behaved during the performance.

Thank you parents!

Thank you parents that made sure your child had all their clothes, materials, and lunch. Thank you parents that donated water. Thank you parents that drove out to be a part of our audience.
Thank you parents that helped chaperoned, we could not have made it through all the rain without you. Please share your pictures with me. (anewland@csd.k12.ca.us) Thank you!

In recognition of their Excellent performance, FORM and the Music Department will purchase pins from the Southern California Band and Orchestra Association (SCSBOA) that displays the Excellent score. These pins can be worn on the students’ collar for their future performances, then be added to their high school Letterman jacket.

March in Music class

March 6: 7th Grade Festival (see separate instructions). All other classes have a sub. No instruments needed.

March 8: trimester 2 honor roll parties during band, no instruments needed

March 9: 8th grade Festival. (see separate instructions)

March 11: Pep band YearBook Picture after school, wear shirts.

March 12: Normal Pep band practice After School.  Canceled due to Drama performances.

March 13: no after school. FORM meeting. Evening Drama production.

March 14: After School open practice.

March 15: Modified Day. School dismissal 12:24. Instruments go home for Spring Break.

8th grade Festival

Saturday, March 9, 2019

We will travel to and from RMMS by bus. Every student is responsible for their own instrument and music. The dress code is our formal attire.


8:45 am meet at RMMS to load up the bus

9:00-9:15 am arrive and unload at Los Osos HS

9:45 am official warm up time.

10:15 am Official Performance (Free performance, parents welcome to attend)

10:45 Sight Reading

11:15 wait for scores and load up the bus to return.

11:45-12:00 all students at RMMS ready to be dismissed

Formal Attire: “black on bottom, white on top”

  • black shoes: solid black, closed shoes preferably and comfortable to walk in.
  • black pants (preferably not jeans), Girls that have skirts must be below the knees when sitting.
  • black socks, stockings or tights are ok, but should be black or nude.
  • white collared button-down shirt (preferably long sleeved). White undershirts suggested.

7th grade Festival

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

We will take the bus to and from RMMS. Each student will be responsible for their own instrument to and from the event. Students need to bring a sack lunch and some snacks with them (Please no peanuts due to allergies and close spaces). They will also bring their formal attire to change into. Students will NOT need any other school books or materials for the day.

The times of the day will follow this approximate schedule:

  • 9:10 2nd period will gather materials and load up. Students bring their instruments, clothes, and sack lunch.
  • 9:30 leave RMMS
  • 10:00-10:15 arrive to Sierra Vista HS
  • Watch other performances, eat lunch, change into performance clothes
  • 1:30 official warm up
  • 2:00 Performance
  • 2:30 Clinic room
  • 3:05-3:30 wait for scores, pack up, leave Sierra Vista
  • 4:30-5:00 arrive back to RMMS. Students unload and get dismissed. (this arrival time is depending on traffic)

Formal Attire: “black on bottom, white on top”

  • black shoes: solid black, closed shoes preferably and comfortable to walk in.
  • black pants (preferably not jeans), Girls that have skirts must be below the knees when sitting.
  • black socks, stockings or tights are ok, but should be black or nude.
  • white collared button-down shirt (preferably long sleeved). White undershirts suggested.


Parent chaperones: sign into the office 8:45-9:00. You will be stationed in the room, at the back door, or near the bus, to help the group get out and boarded.

Parents who are going to the performance at Sierra Vista High School. 3600 N. Frazier St. Baldwin Park, Ca 91706

Audience parking will be available in the lot on the corner of Francisquito Ave. and Frazier St. (by the stadium). Audience members will be asked to enter the school through the gates by the 3-story building or the front gates. There will be greeters available to direct them to the gym.

7th and 8th grade performances

In class Tuesday, February 26. A trial run for upcoming Contest. Students will wear their band shirts. They will play for other students. Parents welcome. 100 performance points.

7th grade: Wednesday, March 6. All day Contest. Information letter coming home this week and needs to be returned. Formal Concert Attire. 200 performance points

8th grade: Saturday, March 9. Times have not been released. Please reserve the day until updated. Information coming home soon.
Formal Concert Attire. 200 performance points.

Pep Band Plays at the Ontario Reign

February 8, 2019

  • 4:30 meet at the arena. students bring instruments with them.
  • 5:30 doors will open to season ticket holders and our parents.
  • 7:00 the game starts
  • we will play at an intermission
  • about 9:30 the game will end, clean up then student release.
  • Student performer tickets are being paid for by the program.
  • Parent/ Family tickets: $20 per ticket
  • Student (non performing) $20 per ticket

Reserve tickets by bringing money to Mrs. Newland and tickets will be sent home the week of 4-8th. All ticket orders due by February 4th.

Entrance: drop off or parking

North west entrance (gate) we will be entering the arena. Parking Lot F is across from that entrance and will cost $10. Drop off is on Ontario Center drive, you will not need to pay to drop off or pick up.

This night is a give away night: Tumblers

To wear:

Students should wear blue or black pants, pep band shirt, and long sleeves underneath. They may wear sweatshirts when not performing. (RMMS attire preferred). The venue is cold, so extra warm clothes are suggested.

Students may bring money to purchase food from the snack bar. They may also bring some snacks with them.

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