Success Criteria

For individuals on playing tests and pass offs.

Tone -Student demonstrates exceptional tone
characteristic of their instrument.
-Notes are clear and easily heard
-(You sound nice on the instrument)
and rhythm
-Student plays in a clear and
consistent tempo.
-All rhythms are accurate and precise
-(Same speed throughout)
(notes and articulation)
-Student plays all the right notes.
-Student plays the key signature
and all accidentals.
-Plays all written articulations correctly.
-(Right notes with right fingers)
Posture -Student demonstrates correct playing
-position and posture for their instrument.
(Sitting tall with feet flat and chin parallel to
the floor)
(including dynamics and phrasing)
-Student demonstrates perfect style for
the selection
-All dynamics are adhered to
-Student is expressive (phrasing)
-(breaths and tongue match and are used well for the song)