Pep Band 2019-2020

Pep Band practices will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45-3:30.

This year we would like to offer snacks as an after school treat. As families are out doing their normal shopping, could you pick up a box of individually wrapped HEALTHY snacks? Nutrigrain, fruit snacks, granola bars, etc. We do have peanut allergies in our room, so please check the labels. Snacks can be dropped off at the office for the nurse to approve. We have dedicated a draw in the room for said snacks. Thanks for being involved and helping our kids stay happy and healthy. There are 26 members and 5 siblings.

In order of audition score; highest being first chair.


  1. Sophia Paradowski (Tied for first)
  2. Autumn Cruz (tied for first)
  3. Joshua Lin
  4. Kendra Ledezma
  5. Aaliyah Vizzuett


  1. Rosecurlette Anwanyu
  2. Kayla Vargas
  3. Sierra Getten

Bass Clarinet:

Roxylynn Roach

Alto Saxophones:

  1. Sonia Orozco Torivio
  2. Camila Lomeli
  3. George Ochoa
  4. Joel Kaunang

Tenor Saxophone:

Jayden McNealy


  1. Jaden Miura
  2. Ryan Seefeld
  3. Dylan Nixon
  4. Czedrick Reyes


  • Luis Even Landros
  • Abigail Ludwina


Mia Taylor


  • Abigail Dionisio
  • Lilianna Velhuis
  • Marina Yanez
  • Yohann Martinez
  • Lindsy Gutierrez

Expectations of students:

  • Attendance conflicts are given notice 24 hours in advance
  • Attendance is mandatory during a performance week
  • Cellphone use is limited to emergencies
  • Use Remind @rmmspep for communication , check website often
  • Work towards the group’s common goals
  • Practice outside rehearsal
  • Come prepared with music and equipment
  • Be respectful of others
  • Be ready to work and not waste time
  • Show school spirit