Pep Band 2018-2019

Next Performance: Dec. 5 at Barnes and Noble for the Family Night Event.

Students will be Responsible for their instruments and transportation to and from the event.

Students should arrive by 5:30 pm so we can set up and perform from 6: 00-6:30 pm

Rehearsals- Tuesdays and Wednesdays 2: 50-3:30 pm. Cancellations will be notified with 24 hour notice.

Students should be checking the side board in the classroom for updates, schedules and information. Students can and should be writing in their agendas to notify home.

To add Remind: @rmmspep

Text: 81010 @rmmspep


First Name Last Name Grade Instrument
Ana Brambila 8 Flute
Sophia Paradowski 7 Flute
Trinity Hunt 7 Flute
Diana Corona 8 Clarinet
Sofia Solorzano 8 Clarinet
Jessica Quintero 8 Clarinet
Rosecurlette Anyanwu 7 Clarinet
Sierra Getten 7 Clarinet
Roxylynn Roach 7 Bass Clarinet
Rose Wages 8 Alto Sax
Sonia Orozco 7 Alto Sax
Grace Weaver 7 Alto Sax
Lionel Getten 8 Tenor Sax
Armando Hernandez 8 Trumpet
Nicholas Solorza 8 Trumpet
Akriti Singh 8 Trumpet
Jaden Miura 7 Trumpet
Drew Ruiz 8 French Horn
Mia Taylor 7 Tuba
Nour Rezk 8 Tuba
Ivy Quan 8 Percussion
Lilianna Veldhuis 8 Percussion
Yohann Marquez 7 Percussion