Music for All

Here are some songs that you can work on if you need more. Most of these have been assigned this year, but not been performed.

May the Fourth be with You

  • Star Wars Theme. Beginning level. Link to Listen. You can play along with the recording. To see your music, click the download button below. All the parts are available.
  • Star Wars Saga. Advanced level. This link to listen only has portions, not the whole piece. You can download the set of music below.

All music assigned or next to be assigned.

  • Old Town Road: link to listen. Download parts below. (7th grade Assigned)
  • Simple Gifts: not all parts available. no recording of this arrangement available. You can hear the melody with this youtube link.
  • Star Spangled Banner, already used by 8th grade, would be added in 7th grade.
  • Taiko! recording (would be assigned to 7th grade)