Distance Learning: 7th and 8th grade bands

Grading Policy Updated

Weekly Participation 25 %

  • 5 points- Playing live: either giving an example or being the leader
  • 5 points per day- actively participating, signing in and staying in the whole class time.
    • This includes having materials; answering when called upon; having the camera on to prove participation.
    • Doing the work assigned in the class time.

Pass offs (playing tests) 40%

  • These are submitted on Flip Grid.
  • Scored on a 1-5 scale, for accurateness

Classwork 25%

  • Written work, done in Teams Class Notebook
  • Examples given during class, and time allotted during class to finish

Projects 10%

  • Long term projects assigned
  • Time allotted during class to do.
  • Rubric for grading attached to each assignment
  • Assigned in Teams and possibly Flip Grid


  • Updated several times a week.
  • Students can use this as a check list.
  • The due dates are flexible and students do not get docked for late work.