December Details

-Friday, December 14: grades pause for progress report grades. All tests need to be completed by this day to reflect on your grade.

Monday, December 17: SHIRTS!!! We will distribute during class.

Tuesday, December 18: Class performances

  • Wear new shirts with blue or black jeans.
  • Schedule

-Period 2 (9:20-9:40)

-Period 3 (10:20-10:40)

-Period 4 (12:20-12:40)

-Period 5 (1:00-1:20)

  • Doors will open 5 minutes before for seating. Parents will need to sign in with Lobby guard, so they will need some extra time before.

Wednesday, December 19:

-7th/8th all music will be collected, and new music will be distributed

-6th new pass offs will be assigned

(Instruments can go home today and stay home for the break.)

Thursday, December 20: Day off (continue movie)

Instruments go home. 200 points for break. (The door will be locked on Friday)

Friday, December 21: Mrs. Newland absent

-Modified schedule, only 30 minutes per class period.

-Worksheets with the substitute, they will be due at end of period.

(instrument closets will not be open)

Merry Christmas, see You in the New Year!

Class performances

Tuesday, December 18

Each band period will put on a little performance for selected classes in the MPR.

parents are invited to attend. Please be prepared to check in with Lobby Guard ahead of schedule.

Times are as follows: Doors will open 5 minutes prior.

Period 2- 7th grade band  9:20-9:40 am

Period 3- 6th grade band 10:20-10:40 am

Period 4- 6th grade band 12:20-12:40 pm

Period 5- 8th grade band 1:00-1:30 pm

New band shirts will be distributed on Monday.

Students will wear New shirts with blue or black jeans.

Grading will be 100 points in total. Behavior, following directions, participation, and dress code.

Parent Representative for FORM

We are looking for a parent representative for the Friends of Ruth Musser meetings.

Meetings are once a month on the 2nd Wednesday at 3 pm in the library.

The next meeting is Wednesday November 14. 

This parent will be the communication between the band program and the parent organization. You would help program family nights, and other fundraisers. You would help communicate the band events to the parent club and out to band parents.

Please email or call Mrs. Newland if you are interested.


Music Class Policies 2018-2019

Grading Policy

Performances 50% 

-Required for all members.

-Events include but are not limited to: school performances, concerts, festivals, for sporting events, etc.

-Point value different for each event.

-Detailed information will appear before each event.

-Excuses will not accepted for any absences.  Make up work will be provided based on circumstance and may entail attending an outside performance, interviewing classmates, writing a report, or all three.

Fall Concert: Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 6 pm in the Multipurpose Room

Spring Concert: Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 6 pm in the Multipurpose Room


Participation 15% (10 points per day)

-Have instrument, music, and materials in working order.

-Have a positive attitude for learning

-Follow directions and procedures.

-Be physically prepared

-Participating in all class activities and playing to the best of one’s abilities

Tests and Quizzes 15% 

-A test or quiz will be given at least once a week.

-Can include performance, written or electronic based.

-The weight of each will be determined based on the length of time the unit or lesson has occurred.

-Make-up for absences will have to be scheduled during Mrs. Newland’s office hours.

-Playing tests can be re-taken for high scores- and will have to be scheduled.


Homework 10% 

-Including permission slips, parent info, studying and practicing.

-Take home instrument.  Every day equals 5 points. Weekends earn 10, and holidays are calculated per day of vacation.

-Late work is received until the grading period ends.  Some materials are time sensitive and cannot be turned in late.


Classwork 10%

-All notes, worksheets, group activities, and projects

-These activities may be ranging from multiple times a week to a few times a trimester.

-Late work is accepted until the grading period ends. Some materials are time sensitive and cannot be turned in late.


Classroom Rules:

  • Be Respectful– of your classmates, your teacher, the room, instruments, equipment, and supplies
  • Be Responsible– on time, with instrument, music, pencil, and ready to learn
  • Be Courteous– no profanity, putdowns, hurtful comments, and be aware of personal space
  • Be Smart – think before you act, be honest, and mean what you say


Instrument Storage:

  • Be advised: students who leave any instrument or other belongings in the music room or any storage space in the music room do so at their own risk. Mrs. Newland, Ruth Musser Middle School, and the Central School District cannot take any responsibility for damaged, lost, or stolen items which were left in the music room or on campus.
  • Newland will do her best to keep the storage closets closed and locked after school hours but cannot guarantee the safety of any item in the storage closets or music room.
  • Students who leave items in the music room accept all responsibility for these items.
  • Only instruments/equipment may be store in the closets. Backpacks, books, clothing, etc. must remain with the student throughout the school day.
  • Any items left in the closets other than instruments/equipment will be removed by Mrs. Newland and placed in lost and found.

Introduction to Mrs. Newland

Dear Parents and/or Guardians:

The 2018-2019 school year at Ruth Musser Middle School is upon us, and we are excited.

I am Mrs. Newland, the new music teacher. This is my ninth school year teaching music to middle school students. I have taught previously in Sonora, Calif., and the last six years in El Centro, Calif. I have just relocated to the Rancho Cucamonga area and am excited to be living in your community. I am looking forward to meeting you and the music students.

Over the next couple weeks, the following information will be distributed: The calendar of events, the class handbook, rental agreements, booster club information, performance attire, class schedules, and other class details. Please check your child’s planner weekly for updated information. Our program website, will be updated with calendars, events, and class information. The Remind app will also be used periodically for sending reminders to parents or students.

As a music teacher, my main goal is to provide my students with strategies on how to practice, study, work with others, find their own materials, take responsibility, and have fun learning and preforming music.

Throughout the coming weeks and months, the students and I will be learning and growing together. As I get to know the students, more opportunities for creating ensembles and performing will arise.

As with anytime there is a change of teachers, there naturally will be changes to the music program, since each teacher brings his or her own unique skills and approach to the classroom. Please know that I am committed to serving you and the students with excellence and to lead a well-functioning music program designed help each student to grow and thrive. With your patience and support, this will be a great school year.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Cheers to a great year!

Mrs. Anna Newland, MA

Music Teacher

Ruth Musser Middle School