Distance Learning: 7th and 8th grade bands

Grading Policy Updated

Weekly Participation 25 %

  • 5 points- Playing live: either giving an example or being the leader
  • 5 points per day- actively participating, signing in and staying in the whole class time.
    • This includes having materials; answering when called upon; having the camera on to prove participation.
    • Doing the work assigned in the class time.

Pass offs (playing tests) 40%

  • These are submitted on Flip Grid.
  • Scored on a 1-5 scale, for accurateness

Classwork 25%

  • Written work, done in Teams Class Notebook
  • Examples given during class, and time allotted during class to finish

Projects 10%

  • Long term projects assigned
  • Time allotted during class to do.
  • Rubric for grading attached to each assignment
  • Assigned in Teams and possibly Flip Grid


  • Updated several times a week.
  • Students can use this as a check list.
  • The due dates are flexible and students do not get docked for late work.


Central School District is now using Clever as a source for all teachers and materials. Students will login and have all websites to access for each teacher. Students will be able to navigate to Teams, One Note, Flip Grid, and anything else a teacher would like to use.

Access Clever from the school’s website.
Login with Normal student login.

Here is the link to add to your bookmarks.