8th Grade 2019-2020

Weekly Tasks

  • Book 3: #97-100. Minor Scales and Exercises.
  • Record 97, 98 on Flip Grid.
  • Handout songs. Practice with recordings. Continue working on Brentwood Press. Do the hard parts first.
  • Book 3: Review beginning of book. Do a new page every day.
  • Do your favorite exercise on Flip Grid
  • All handout pieces, including Brentwood Pass and Pictures at an Exhibition.
  • Book #101-108 Concert D Flat Major scales and exercises. Here is the instruction on this key signature.
  • Record #101 on Flip Grid Start working on Pictures at an Exhibition.
  • Book 3 page 23. Working in Concert key of D flat. There are time signature changes. Record your favorite song from this page on flip grid. Here is the tutorale to watch with it.
  • Book 3 pgs. 24-25. Between aware of the Key Signature! and Time Signature! There are some really good excerpts from “real” music on these pages.
  • Here is the real recording of “Pictures at an Exhibition”. Remember we have the full piece handout. #114 is just the melody for everyone.
  • Here is the real recording of “Mars” from Gustav Holst. The ostinato pattern is noticeable in the beginning. That is #117 on the B line.
  • Record #115 and #116 in flip grid, this the same key signature, but now a minor scale. Examples in flip grid on melody and snare.

Check in with Mr. Rico for next year band. Here is the form you will need to complete. https://forms.gle/BQ3kcMJZvfWYGyqG7

  • Finish pass offs that you might have missed. If there is a flip grid open for it, record it!

Congratulations Rose Anyanwu for being the Student of the Month for April 2020. At HOME Rock Star!

Mrs. Newland

Recordings and Parts

Monsters Under the Bed


Brentwood Pass

Pictures at an Exhibition recording

Pevensey Castle recording


Arabian Dances

Infinite Horizons