7th Grade 2019-2020

Weekly Tasks

Each set of bullet points is a week’s assignments. Start at the top and work your way down. Each new week will be added to the bottom.

  • Book # 82-100. Look at the key signatures! Practice slowly first.
  • #89, 94, are still pass offs. Record on Flip grid for your pass off!
  • Handout out pieces. Practice the parts you don’t like first.
Snare Lessons for #89, #94, and #107
  • #107-114. Chromatic notes- every note is different, if two notes going up or down sound the same, one is wrong. Use the fingering chart in the back to check the notes.  #107 next pass off. Record on Flip Grid
  • Go to the website and play with the recordings of our hand out songs.
  • Open the new piece; “Taiko!” and learn your part. If you can print out your page, do the color code.
  • Review all the pass off songs since the beginning of the book. Teach yourself a song that we didn’t learn together.
  • Record your favorite exercise that you just found.
  • Practice your hand out songs, including Taiko!
  • Page. 21 Learn 6/8 Time.
  • Watch and follow along to the lesson here.
  • Record your favorite song from #103-106 on Flip Grid under the topic 6/8 Time Favorite Song.
6/8 Time Signatures page 21
  • pg 24 Triplets. Follow the lesson here and practice to master those triplets.
  • #121 scale study- record a flip grid. Includes triplets and new notes.
  • Review the work you have done in the last week.
  • pg. 25 new rhythms with 16th notes. Review the lesson on the flip grid topic. Record your favorite exercise from #124-126

Percussion warm ups

Trumpet/Baritone Exercises:

  • Even if you just do 5 minutes a day, your muscles will get stronger. You can do as much or as little as you can following these steps every practice time. 
  • Step 1: The first 2 measures #1-7Step
  • 2: Measures 3-5 #1-7Step
  • 3: Measures 6-end #1-7Step
  • 4: Whole line #1-7
  • Then you tackle the second page. 
Trumpet/Baritone Lip Slurs


  • Student of the Month for April: Quishawn Stanford
  • Student of the week of May 4-8: Gia Avlar
  • Student of the week May 18-22: Emma Barcenas

Recordings and Parts

Taiko! recording

Old Town Road

Declaration and Dance 

Thunderbolt Peak 

Midnight Sky