6th Grade Materials

Vocabulary Review Jeopardy Game

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Vocabulary for Flash cards

One side should be the word and symbol the other side should be the definition

  • Pg. 25
  • Tie: a curved line connect two or more of the same note
  • Slur: a curved line connecting two or more different notes. the first note is tongued
  • Accent: emphasize the note. “punch it”
  • Accidental: a sharp, flat, or natural sign which appears in a measure but not in the key signature. it takes affect for the entire measure.
  • D.C. al Fine: when you see this term, return to the beginning of the song. You will end the song when you see the term fine.
  • Phrase: a musical sentence which can be 2 to 4 measures long. A phrase should be in one breath.
  • Pg. 19
  • Tempo: time, speed of music
  • Presto: fast, quickly
  • Allegro: cheerful, lively; fast but slower than presto
  • Allegretto: fairly brisk, slightly slower than allegro
  • Andante: slow; walking temo
  • Adagio: slow, at ease
  • Largo: broad, wide large, slow
  • Rallentando: rall. get slower gradually
  • Pg. 15
  • Duet: a piece of music with two different parts played together at the same time, by two people
  • Harmony:two or more notes played together
  • Chord: two or more notes stacked on top of each other; in band each note is played by a different person
  • Fermata: hold the note longer than normal; watch the director
  • Pick up notes: one or more notes that come before the first full measure. The beats of pick -up notes are subtracted from the last measure.
  • Key signature: the set of sharps or flats at the front of the piece of music; after the treble or bass clef and before the time signature. This signature lets you know all the sharps or flats that will be applied to every measure of the song.
  • Pg. 13
  • Time Signature: how many beats per measure
  • 4/4: 4 quarter note beats per measure
  • 3/4: 3 quarter note beats per measure
  • 2/4: 2 quarter note beats per measure
  • Pg. 11
  • Dynamics: music volume
  • pp Pianissimo: very soft
  • p Piano: soft
  • mp Mezzo Piano: medium soft
  • mf Mezzo Forte: medium loud
  • f Forte: loud
  • FF Fortissimo: very loud
  • crescendo: get louder gradually
  • decresendo or diminuendo: get softer gradually
  • Pg. 9
  • Double Bar: end of song
  • repeat sign: repeat the song or section again
  • breath mark: an apostrophe telling when to breath
  • Pg. 7
  • whole note : 4 beats
  • dotted half note: 3 beats
  • half note: 2 beats
  • quarter note: 1 beat
  • eighth note: 1/2 beat
  • sixteenth note: 1/4 beat
  • Pg. 5
  • bass clef: f clef, used for lower instruments
  • treble clef: g clef, used for higher pitched instruments
  • staff: 5 lines and 4 spaces

Tempo Practice Game


Tempo Video with Edgar