6th Grade 2019-2020

Curbside Check out is Friday, May 15.

Here are your scheduled Times:

  • 8-9 am: Mr. Hallback/ Ms. Kiszeli Per. 3 
  • 9-10 am: Ms. Casey/Mr. Poortman Per. 3 
  • 10-11 am: Mr. Hallback/Ms. Kiszeli Per. 4

You need to turn in all SCHOOL OWNED instruments, books and equipment. If you are renting from a store, or have a personal instrument, these do NOT get turned in. 

Summer checkout available for school-owned instruments only when submitting this form. It can be turned in at checkout, or by email, no later than May 22.

Individual Lessons

Go in order down this list. You can make up any set and add a Flip Grid.

All Book 1 lessons are in this YouTube playlist.

  • #99-107. Review, master. Don’t forget dynamics! Practice each one at three speeds: slow, medium, fast.
  • #108 and 109. Learn.
  • Play through the sheet songs.
  • Did you master something and want to show off? Record it in our flip grid!
  • #119-131 Practice these new exercises. Watch the key signatures! If something seems too difficult, you are probably working too hard. Read the yellow boxes. #125 and #130 are the next pass offs. Record them on Flip Grid
  • Clarinet Lessons with Me. Learn #119-130 step by step.
  • Go on the class website and play with the recordings of the handouts.
  • Open the new piece: “Spit Fire,” and learn your part. If you can print out your page, do the color code.
  • Review all the pass off songs since the beginning of the book.
  • Teach yourself a song we didn’t learn together.
  • Do a Flip Grid of your Favorite exercise.
  • Practice your hand out songs, including Spit Fire.
  • Pg. 22 Dotted Notes.
  • Review this lesson with me on this YouTube.
  • Record #117 in Flip Grid
  • #143-147.
  • Record #146 and #147
  • Clarinet and Snare Lessons Available! Find lessons on flip grid or the youtube playlist.


  • Student of the Month for April: Miranda Brambila
  • Student of the week of May 4-8: Donovyn Lomeli


Class one note: in your One Drive, click on Shared with Me, click “Beginning Band 6th Grade”. This link will also take you to the notebook.

For Clarinet lessons, go to my lessons on YouTube.

Book 1 lessons have their own playlist on YouTube.

For flash cards, here is the template to download and print as needed. They are also in the “materials” section of the content library in your class One Note notebook.

Music recordings and pages

SpitFire recording link

Flute demo part 1 and Flute demo part 2

Attack of the Slide Trombone

1st Classic Suite

Jamaican Holiday

Beethoven’s Ninth