Winter Performance Information

Dear Band Parents and Families,

In keeping with the restrictions still placed on schools, we are changing the way the Winter Concert can be held.

Since we are not allowed to have large gatherings or guests on campus, we cannot invite everyone to a “normal” concert in the MPR to see all the bands live.

Therefore, we are holding “Winter Performances” during the school day on Thursday December 9 that will be Live Streamed out through YouTube.

Each Band level will have their own performance with own Live Stream Link.

Beginning Band will be from 11:15-11:30

Concert Band (both periods) will start at 1:00.

Wind Ensemble will start at 2:00.

Live stream links will be sent out and posted the day before. You will be able to access the videos starting at the live time and throughout the day after that. With this structure, there are no evening commitments at school.

Students will be dressed with their performance attire:

Black nice pants, Black Shoes, Black socks, and Band Polo (tucked in)

Your child has written down and know the types of pants and shoes that are acceptable, please see their notes.

This performance will be treated as a “concert” so will be worth 200 points of their grade. The grade will include preparedness and dress.

I am so thankful we are still allowed to play music and that we found a way to present it to you.

Thank you for your continued support of music in our school.